Process of the order 







1. Please email your name, telephone number, and details of your request/ inquire.


If you do not get a reply, please email again.





I will reply to you after I check your email.







2. After I inquire a preference of design, color, and what price range in mind, I will make a contact by email, telephone, or ask you to come to the atelier




※I will also let you know an appointed date for delivery










3. If you want to decorate an object of your own, please bring it to the atelier.


If you want to send an object by delivery service, I will let you know the shipping address












4. I will start working as soon as I receive the object and materials.


 Please note that after start working, cancelling and refund are not admitted. 








5. I will make a contact if I would like to confirm the details of your order.






After I finish working, I will make a contact, and start processing for delivery.


Shipping fee is charged
















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